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Automotive Innovation

Use of lightweight materials, engine downsizing, alternative powertrain innovation and enabling connected infotainment experiences are key areas of innovation driving the vehicle manufacturing industry. As regulatory pressures grow and consumers' demands increase for fuel efficiency, new vehicle designs and seamless integration of devices, our conference agendas pinpoint the need to know commercial issues driving the pulse of the industry to identify the highest cost benefit routes.

Our Global Automotive Lightweight Materials, Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment and EV Battery Tech series are globally renowned, attracting global audiences to share in commercially focused discussions to take-away actionable learning solutions.

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit 2014

20th August 2014 - 21st August 2014

Detroit, Michigan

The 3rd Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Initiative

Global Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Congress 2014

28th May 2014 - 29th May 2014

Detroit, Michigan

Examining How OEMs Are Deciding On Joining Methods And How Welding, Bonding And Riveting Technologies Are Being Cost Effectively Implemented To Economically, Rapidly And Consistently Join High Strength Steel, Aluminum And Carbon Fiber Composites In High Volume, Lightweight Multi-Material Vehicle Manufacturing

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2014: Multi-Material Supply & Manufacturing Summit

23rd April 2014 - 24th April 2014

London, UK

Securing The Global Supply Base For Lightweight Materials And Implementation Technologies For Multi-Material Manufacturing To Enable Commercially Feasible, High Volume, Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing On A Global Platform

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Asia 2014

26th March 2014 - 27th March 2014

Shanghai, China

Lightweight Vehicles: Designing & Applying Lightweight, High Tensile Strength Steel, Aluminium, Magnesium & Composites In China, Japan, South Korea & India

Smartphone & Embedded Connectivity Vehicle Integration 2014

26th February 2014 - 27th February 2014

San Francisco, USA

Improving The Reliability Of Smart Phone Connectivity And Integration With Embedded Systems To Optimize Vehicle Competitiveness

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2013

25th September 2013 - 26th September 2013

London, UK

Delivering Connected Services That Are Useful For Drivers Through Integration And Interoperability Of Smartphones, Applications And Content

Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles 2013

25th September 2013 - 26th September 2013

Austin, Texas

Detailing The Upfront And Operational Costs Of Natural Gas Fleets: Understanding The Payback, Long term Vehicle Performance And Infrastructure Availability

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit 2013

21st August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Detroit, Michigan

Delivering Aggressive Vehicle Lightweighting Through Identifying Cost Effective Multi-Material Solutions

Hybrid Powertrain 2013: Component & System Level Technological Development Summit

17th July 2013 - 18th July 2013

London, UK

Detailing Hybrid Powertrain Architecture Selection Strategies And The Latest Technological Advancements To Deliver System Efficiencies And Cost Reductions

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2013

24th April 2013 - 25th April 2013

London, UK

Comprehensive Per Material Analysis: Establishing The Highest Cost Benefit Lightweight Materials Applications And Routes To Scalable Production Of Multi-Material Vehicles To Meet Fuel Economy
And CO2 Reduction Targets

EV Battery Tech UK: 7th Global Cost Reduction Initiative

24th April 2013 - 25th April 2013

London, UK.

Capitalising On Real World Data And New Innovations For Identifying Realistic Cost Reduction Strategies For Improving Energy Density, Range & Life of EV Batteries.

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit California 2013

12th February 2013 - 13th February 2013

San Francisco, California

Delivering Continuous Connectivity And Seamless Integration Of Devices, Apps and Content For Automotive Vehicle Use Cases

Integrated Powertrain Engineering Fuel Economy Congress 2012

28th November 2012 - 29th November 2012

London, UK

Examining The Payback Of Emerging Powertrain Technologies To Capitalise 
On Innovations In Combustion, Transmission And Hybrid Development

Natural Gas Fleet Vehicles North American Congress 2012

23rd October 2012 - 24th October 2012

Houston, Texas

Integrating Natural Gas Vehicles Into Fleets To Capitalize On Fuel Cost Savings: Business Case Analysis, Performance & Maintenance Requirements Investigation

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment 2012

25th September 2012 - 26th September 2012

London, UK

Bringing Connected Experiences To Customers Through Integration Of Digital Life Into The Car

EV Battery Tech USA 2012

25th September 2012 - 26th September 2012

Detroit, MI

Combining Battery Technical Innovation, Real World Usability Data And Cost Reduction Strategies To Drive Forward Mass Market Adoption Of Electric And Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Initiative

21st August 2012 - 22nd August 2012

Detroit, Michigan

Assessing The Highest Cost Benefit Use Of Composites And Lightweight Metallics Across Multi-Material Vehicle Systems

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012

25th April 2012 - 26th April 2012

London, United Kingdom

Incorporating Gram Strategies And Best Practice Experiences To Tackle The Remaining Challenges Of Sourcing, Integrating & Manufacturing Lightweight Materials To Deliver Improved Fuel Economy

EV Battery Tech 5th Global Cost Reduction Initiative

28th February 2012 - 29th February 2012

London, UK

Introducing A View Towards 2020: Analysing The Latest Technological & Cost Developments To Guide Future Adoption Of Current & Future Generation Electric Vehicles

EV Charging Infrastructure & Grid Integration 2012

18th January 2012 - 19th January 2012

London, United Kingdom

Multi-Stakeholder Business ModelsFor EV Infrastructure Evolution: Realised Case Studies...Trial Results... Practical Realities

EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative 2011

30th March 2011 - 1st April 2011

London, UK

Examining Cutting Edge Solutions For Reducing The Cost & Improving The Performance of EV Batteries

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2011

28th February 2011 - 1st March 2011

San Francisco, USA

Developing Commercially Viable EV Charging Infrastructure: Multi-Stakeholder Business Models For Making EV Charging Profitable

EV Charging Infrastructure & Grid Integration 2010

30th November 2010 - 1st December 2010

Ibis Hotel, Earls Court, London, UK

Understanding How To Manage The Impact Of Electric Vehicles On The Grid To Make EV Charging Infrastructure A Commercially Viable And Profitable Reality

EV Battery Tech USA: Global Cost Reduction Initiative 2010

20th September 2010 - 21st September 2010

Detroit Marriott, Troy, MI, USA

Providing The Next Generation Solutions For Reducing The Cost Of EV Batteries At Every Level Of Production And Integration

EV Battery Tech 2010: Global Cost Reduction Initiative 2010

25th May 2010 - 26th March 2011

Olympia Conference Centre, London, UK

Examining Cutting Edge Solutions For Reducing The Cost And Improving The Performance Of EV Batteries

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